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Event | Building on the know-how from the results-based payment scheme (RBPS) pilots

Results-based payments to land managers have been recognised as having the potential to enhance the effectiveness of biodiversity measures in farmland.

This conference, organised on behalf of the European Commission by IEEP, has: 

  • Showcased the findings of the RBPS pilot projects that ran from 2014 to 2019 in eight areas of Ireland, Spain, Romania and the UK, with financial support from the European Parliament.
  • Demonstrated evidence of biodiversity and policy impacts, illustrate what worked and why, and hear about the experiences of the farmers and project staff involved in the pilots.
  • Facilitated a discussion among a broad range of experts, policymakers, implementing authorities and stakeholders about the potential of RBPS to contribute towards halting negative biodiversity trends in farmland, and how that potential could be better utilised, particularly in the context of the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy.

The conference report can be found here.

The conference programme can be accessed here.

Download the RBPS pilot reports for Ireland, Spain and the UK, here.

Download the RBPS pilot posters:

View the recording of the conference here, and download the index to the recording here.

Download the conference presentations:

Files to download

What are results-based payments
RBPS Conference report
RBPS beyond the pilot projects
Opportunities and challenges RBPS
From the farmers' perspective
Achievements of the pilot RBPS projects

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