IEEP to launch training courses on EU and international policy

As an educational charity, IEEP has a long record of developing and delivering workshops and various training events as part of our national, EU and wider project work. We are now considering building on this experience to offer to a wider audience a series of training courses on the most topical EU environmental policy issues. We intend to develop short courses that will help attendees understand the implications of existing and potential EU policy developments, for example in terms of the obligations and opportunities that they create. In this respect we think that the courses will be of particular value to statutory environment agencies, government departments, NGOs and businesses. We could also potentially offer bespoke courses tailor-made to suit the requirements of specific groups and organisations (eg university post-graduate courses).

It is foreseen that courses will become available later this year but we first wish to ensure that we are offering useful courses for which there is demand. We have therefore created a short web-based survey outlining a selection of potential topical courses. To make sure these courses actually respond to people’s interests, we would be very grateful for any feedback on the options, to identify which courses would be of interest to our potential audience. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete; however, we realise that time is precious and we are therefore happy to offer a 10% discount on your first course if you complete the survey.The survey form can be accessed here.