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Alternative means of reducing CO2 emissions from UK road transport

AUTHOR: Ian Skinner

The fourth report prepared as part of IEEP’s Biofuel ExChange considers the possible alternative means of reducing CO2 emissions from UK road transport towards 2020 and beyond. The GHG emissions from the UK transport sector are increasing both in absolute terms and as a proportion of the overall national GHG emissions yet reductions of more than 90 per cent will be needed if the UK is to meet its overall GHG reduction targets set out in the UK Climate Change Act. The transport sector will therefore have an important role in meeting these targets.

In light of the intense debate surrounding the use of biofuels in the transport sector, this briefing considered the possible alternative means of decarbonising the UK transport sector. The objective of this briefing is to provide an overview for non-transport specialists of the potential options and policy instruments that might be introduced in the UK specifically to reduce CO2 emissions from road transport. It also discusses the issues and challenges associated with these, in the context of the wider policy framework, including that in place at the EU level.

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