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Consolidated report: Qualitative analysis key results and policy implications

AUTHORS – Samuela Bassi – Leonardo Mazza – Patrick ten Brink – Keti Medarova-Bergstrom – Sonja Gantioler – Jana Poláková – Indrani Lutchman – Doreen Fedrigo-Fazio – Peter Hjerp – Laura Baroni – Elisa Portale

There is a crucial need in Europe for indicators and measurement systems that provide a useful assessment of progress toward the simultaneous aims of economic success, human well-being, environmental protection and long-term sustainability.

This research note, published in the context of the FP-7 IN-STREAM project, synthesizes the results of the qualitative analysis that has been carried out on policy needs and opportunities for an increased use of sustainability indicators in a selected range of policy areas including biodiversity policy, agriculture policy, fisheries policy, resource efficiency policy, cohesion policy and climate change policy. It offers guidance on how these indicators can be used at different phases of policy development in these policy areas.

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