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Emerging agricultural policy frameworks in the UK

AUTHORS: Kaley Hart – Anne Maréchal

During 2018, each of the four UK countries has been consulting on the structure and content of their future agricultural policies as part of the transition away from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. 

Moving towards more sustainable agricultural systems which look after natural resources and promote natural capital is a theme in all four countries’ proposals to a greater or lesser extent.  All four countries include a reference to the fact that looking after the environment and productivity go hand in hand.

This briefing sets out the emerging agricultural policy frameworks in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with a focus on their environmental components. It provides an overview of the policy processes currently underway, the timetable for the introduction of the new frameworks and a brief summary of some of the key similarities and differences between the approaches taken. 

Files to download

IEEP briefing on UK Ag policy developments -Nov 2018 with front cover (pdf)

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