Implementing the Renewable Energy Directive: Consultation Response

AUTHORS: David Baldock – Catherine Bowyer

IEEP organised a dialogue around the delivery of the sustainability criteria set out in the Renewable Energy Directive in response to EU’s consultation on definition of highly biodiverse grasslands under Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.

New approaches will be required to provide adequate protection for grasslands under the terms of the Directive and clarity surrounding objectives, definitions and procedures will be critical to achieve the desired outcomes. To support the implementation of the provisions related to highly biodiverse grasslands under Directive 2009/28, IEEP has developed two working papers examining in detail the challenges associated with defining key terms (Working Paper 1) and the development of a model for operationalising the Directive’s requirements (Working Paper 2). These papers were prepared with funding from WWF and examine in detail many of the questions posed in the Commission’s Consultation Document. They were developed in consultation with a number of leading experts, key environmental and industry stakeholders.

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