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Pathways for advocacy: Identification of main influencer networks for agriculture R&D in Germany

AUTHORS: Faustine Bas-Defossez – Anne Maréchal – Elisa Kollenda – Jes Weigelt (TMG)

The Farm Journal Foundation has commissioned this policy brief in order to inform an advocacy strategy in Germany in support of research and development (R&D) in the agriculture sector.

This policy brief provides first an overview of the total funding of Ag R&D in Germany; it then gives a mapping of legislative cycles in Germany for research and agriculture, how decisions are taken on implementing Germany’s research policy and sets the political context, trends and views on post H2020 agricultural R&D or national programs.

It ends with a map of key influencer networks, the hubs, interconnections and links to different Agri R&D policies and funds to inform a broader advocacy strategy and inform coalition building and partnerships with key influencers in Germany.

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Germany Influencers FINAL 13092018

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