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Response to European Commission open consultation on requirements for a sustainability scheme for energy uses of biomass

IEEP has submitted a response to the European Commission’s recent consultation on requirements for a potential EU sustainability scheme for biomass used for energy purposes (separate from transport biofuels). IEEP’s response to the consultation, which closed on 30 September, stresses the need for a robust scheme to minimise the potential for negative environmental impacts associated with large scale production. A key aspect of this is that such a scheme should clearly incentivise the use of sustainability biomass taking into account production methods, land use, scale and type of biomass. It is also important that the most efficient technology pathways in terms of greenhouse gas emission reductions are prioritised.

Under the terms of a proposed EU Directive for promoting renewables sources of energy (RES Directive), the Commission is not obligated to introduce a scheme specifically for biomass other than transport biofuels. However, the possibility that Commission will not develop a scheme would appear to be an unlikely outcome of the consultation, given recent publicity about the potential impacts of unsustainable biomass production.

Further information on the Commission’s consultation on a sustainability scheme for energy uses of biomass can be accessed from:

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