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The Future of EU Environment Policy: Challenges and Opportunities

AUTHORS: David Wilkinson-Claire Monkhouse-David Baldock

IEEP’s report on the future of EU environment policy was launched in the UK Parliament on Tuesday 14 December. Commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Environment Group, the report examines the main environmental challenges and opportunities faced by the EU, at a point in time where there are significant changes, both politically and in terms of policy focus. In particular, it examines the current political context, including the impact of enlargement, a new Commission term, and a new and stronger European Parliament. It also discusses whether the Community has ‘the right tools for the job’, focussing on implementation of environmental legislation, Impact Assessment, the use of the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) and the Sixth Environment Action Programme Thematic Strategies. The report highlights the need to keep up the momentum on environment policy at a time when competitiveness is being treated as such a political priority. It highlights what the main environmental challenges are, and suggests ways in which the environmental agenda can be taken forward.

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