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Board Members

Hans Wolters

Hans Wolters

Chair of IEEP AISBL Board & Member of IEEP UK Board

Hans Wolters is an organisational development expert with an extensive track record in successfully managing international organisations and complex international projects. Hans was CEO of the Resource Alliance and COO of the European Council on Foreign Relations in London, after heading the Organisational Development Unit at WWF International near Geneva. He has been involved in reorganisations, change management and designing new strategies. He is now the owner and managing partner of Organisation Development Support.


In addition to his work in Europe, Hans has also worked in Africa and Asia. Recognised as an inspirational people manager with a passion for bringing out the best in his team, Hans has supported senior managers for more than five years. He uses his extensive experience to help them improve their performance, impact, and well-being.


Hans enjoys coaching executive managers, improving teams, and helping organisations increase their effectiveness.