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Land Use and Climate

For more information
on the Land Use and Climate
programme, please contact:

Julia Bognar - IEEP Senior Policy Analyst, Land Use and Climate

Julia Bognar

Head of programme


Forests and other wooded land are an essential resource to deliver on Europe’s sustainability future. They are a substantial carbon sink, a potential source of biomaterials, and as some of our most valuable habitats and ecosystems.


The way in which forests are managed and how forestry practices operate in the EU (and globally) affects their potential to contribute to the EU’s green deal objectives.

Our priorities

To examine how long-term sustainable management of Europe’s forests and wooded land can deliver on climate and biodiversity objectives, whilst providing ecosystem services and other benefits for society, including a wide range of raw materials and rural employment.

To improve the resilience of Europe’s forests to the effects of climate change.

Latest news

Long-term solutions are needed to increase the resilience of European forests. A transparent Forest Monitoring Framework and an ambitious Nature Restoration Law are key legislative ...

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