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Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Pollinator conservation

Pollinators like butterflies, honeybees, solitary bees, bumblebees, moths and hoverflies are under considerable threat, showing drastic declines in Europe.

IEEP was involved in supporting the European Commission in implementing the EU Pollinators Initiative, a framework launched in June 2018 and revised in January 2023 to address the decline of pollinators across the EU.

The initiative’s overall priorities are to improve knowledge of pollinator decline, including its causes and consequences, tackle the causes of the decline and raise awareness, engaging society-at-large and promoting collaboration.

IEEP is a member of Safeguard, a Horizon-2020 project aiming to contribute to reversing the loss of wild pollinators across Europe by expanding our current assessment and understanding of their status and trends.

To learn more about what the EU is doing for pollinators, including contributions by IEEP, visit the EU Pollinator Information Hive.

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