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Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Biodiversity mainstreaming and coherence with other policy areas

The mainstreaming of biodiversity considerations across policy areas and sectors is crucial to achieving the transformative change needed to halt and reverse biodiversity loss. In the context of the European Green Deal, the new EU Biodiversity Strategy intends to work in tandem with other key EU Green Deal Pillars such as the Climate Law, Farm to Fork Strategy, Zero Pollution Action Plan, Soil Strategy, and the Circular Economy Action Plan.


IEEP aims to enhance the mainstreaming of biodiversity to ensure integration and coherence between EU biodiversity conservation and other policies. To promote engagement and buy-in from all actors of society needed to propel transformative change, we promote a broader and deeper shared societal recognition of the value of biodiversity to our development and well-being.

Key areas

Valuing benefits of biodiversity

Biodiversity and land use

Biodiversity and climate change

Biodiversity and EU funding programmes

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