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Global Challenges and SDGs

Global Challenges and SDGs

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on the Global Challenges and SDGs programme, please contact:

Pierre Leturcq

Head of programme

Environmental dimensions of EU trade policy

IEEP informs the debate on the global environmental contributions and consequences of the EU trade policy.


We actively provide input to the evidence base and policy debates in this sphere with a particular focus on current EU trade negotiations and trade-related autonomous measures. We aim to ensure that the EU trade policy has a positive impact on sustainable development worldwide.

Latest news

This briefing series monitors upcoming free trade agreements (FTAs) that are either being negotiated or concluded by the European Union and conducts assessments for their ...
In December 2022, the Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on the CBAM and the reform of the EU ETS. While these new instruments ...

Latest publications

The EU and India resumed trade talks in the summer of 2022 following seven years of unsuccessful negotiations which eventually stagnated in 2013. This briefing ...
This briefing scopes out sustainability challenges relevant to the EU-Australia trade agreement and is part of an IEEP series aimed at monitoring upcoming free trade ...

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