Global Challenges and SDGs

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Antoine Oger

Head of programme

Global biodiversity challenges

IEEP’s work on the global biodiversity challenge focuses on the socio-economic importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services, using this knowledge to support global conservation objectives while recognising the intrinsic value of biodiversity in the process. It also explores opportunities for making natural capital an integral part of the transition to more sustainable economies, while at the same time ensuring the equitable sharing of benefits from biodiversity resources.


The global loss of biodiversity and degradation of natural capital continues at a rapid pace. This is despite the fact that biodiversity and well-functioning ecosystems provide a range of benefits – both direct and indirect – to society and the economy, playing a crucial role in sustaining livelihoods and wellbeing. Efforts to meet the global biodiversity targets should play a key role in achieving the priorities of the 2030 sustainable development agenda.


IEEP has a rich experience on assessment, policy influence and capacity building on integrating biodiversity into wider policies and decision-making processes to support sustainable development. We play an integral role in synthesising and analysing information on the value of nature for the purpose of policy and decision-making, both in the EU context and globally. We have also been involved in a range of global initiatives and dialogues aimed at increasing the understanding and building the capacity of stakeholders to integrated biodiversity into sectoral policies and management practices.

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