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Global Challenges and SDGs

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on the Global Challenges and SDGs programme, please contact:

Pierre Leturcq

Head of programme

Financing a global green economy

IEEP’s work on green financing includes examining practical experiences with green fiscal reforms (GFRs) in Europe and internationally, analysing lessons learnt for other countries considering reform, as well as offering insights and guidance on the effective design and implementation of such instruments.


There is growing global recognition that the current model of economic growth is socially, environmentally and economically unsustainable. This has sparked a focus on the green economy, which can be shaped into a critical tool for achieving sustainable development and eradicating poverty around the world. A major and sustained increase in investment from both public and private sources is needed to meet global biodiversity, climate and other environmental objectives that underpin sustainable socio-economic systems.


IEEP is an expert in examining EU and national financial contributions to international environmental goals (e.g. in the context of the EU budget), assessing contributions to international climate and biodiversity finance and exploring potential additional sources to meet the commitments. We explore how public financing can be used to leverage private investments for climate and biodiversity, to help to bridge the funding gap.

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